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Moroccan salad

6 порцій

0:35 год.

195 ккал.

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  • Proteins8 g
  • Fats2 g
  • Carbohydrates40 g
  • Sugar15 g


175 g cuscus
1 bunch green onions
1 small sliced green sweet pepper
10 сm sliced ​​cucumber
175 g canned peas
60 g raisins
2 oranges
  salt, pepper
  twigs of mint and decorations
  lettuce leaves


  Citron of 1 orange
1 table-spoon sliced fresh mint
150 ml natural (unsweetened) yogurt


Put cuscus into the bowl and pour with boiling water for 15 min.
Mix cuscus with green onion, sweet pepper, cucumber, peas and raisins. Salt it and pepper.
Put ingredients for sauce into the bowl and mix. Pour cuscus with a compound and mix it.
Cut off orange peel. Slice pulp into segments, remove skins
Put lettuce leaves on plates. Spread cuscus on plates and decorate with orange. Put twig of mint above oranges and serve it.

Bon appétit

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