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Stuffed pumpkin

2 порції

1:10 год.

225 ккал.

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  • Proteins 15 g
  • Fats 16 g
  • Carbohydrates 7 g
  • Sugar 4 g


1 pumpkin
300 g of zucchini
300 g of minced meat
150 g of tomatoes
50 g of onion
1 table spoons of sour cream
1 glass of water
  vegetable oil «Majola»
  salt according to your taste



Cut off the top of the pumpkin, remove seeds and cut out some pulp. Chop the pumpkin pulp. Wash zucchini and cut it into cubes; tomatoes cut into small pieces. Chop onion.


Fry onion in vegetable oil till gold colour.  Add pumpkin and meat, fry for a few minutes. Put zucchini and cook within three minutes. Drop tomatoes. Add sour cream, chopped parsley and water. Season with salt and cover, stew till half-cooked.


Put stuffing into pumpkin. Warm the oven up to 180°С.  Grease pumpkin with vegetable oil and put it on the baking tray, covered with foil. Bake it within 40 minutes.   

Bon appétit

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