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Honey and nuts “nests”

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  • Proteins13 g
  • Fats48 g
  • Carbohydrates85 g
  • Sugar53 g


225 g   pasta
115 g butter
175 g cleaned and chopped pistachios
115 g sugar
115g transparent honey
150 ml  water
2 tea spoons lemon juice


In a big pot bring to boil slightly salted water. Put pasta and cook 8-10 min. Strain pasta and put back into the pot. Add butter, mix up and leave it to cool.
Take 4 small baking shapes. Divide pasta into 8 equal portions and 4 of them put into shapes. Slightly press above. Put half of nuts and rest of pasta above.
Bake in the stove within 45 min and under the temperature 180 °С.
Put in the pot sugar, honey and water. Bring to boil on small fire, having stirring at the same time. Cook 10 min, add lemon juice and cook 5 min more.
Accurately put nests on plates. Pour with honey syrup and strew with the rest of nuts. Leave it cool before serve. Separately serve kefir.

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