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Pancakes with cherry

4 порції

0:25 год.

345 ккал.

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  • Proteins7 g
  • Fats14 g
  • Carbohydrates34 g
  • Sugar33 g


400 g canned cherry without pits
½ tea spoon almond essence
½ tea spoon mixture of spices ( for apple pie)
2  table spoons corn flour


100 g  flour
  pinch of salt
2 table spoons cut mint
1   egg
300   ml   milk
  sunflower oil Majola
  confectionary  sugar 
  roasted almond flakes for decoration


Put into the bowl 300 g of cherry with juice. Add almond essence and mixture of spices. Add corn flour and bring to boil; stir it until mixture becomes dense and transparent.
For pancakes, sieve flour with salt into the bowl. Add chopped mint. Make hollow in the middle, pour in eggs and milk; make smooth dough.
Warm up in wide pan 1 table spoon of oil Majola; when oil heats strongly pour it off. Pour in dough, so it spreads on the bottom of the pan and fry within 1-2 min, till it gets ready. Turn over pancake and fry 1 min more. Take away from pan and put in a warm place. Fry all pancakes in this way.
Put ¼ of cherry stuffing on ¼ of each pancake and gather it in the form of cone. Strew with confectionary sugar and almond. Serve the table at once.

Bon appétit

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