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Soup with crabs

6 порцій

1:35 год.

112 ккал.

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  • Proteins7 g
  • Fats2 g
  • Carbohydrates18 g
  • Sugar5 g


1 middle size cooked crab
90 g long granular rice
600 мл ml nonfat milk
600 мл ml fish broth
1 ст. ложка table spoon anchovy paste 
2 ч. ложки tea spoons lime or lemon juice
2 ч. ложки tea spoons cut fresh green parsley
3-4 ст. ложки table spoons sour cream
  salt and pepper
  Green onion for decoration 


Take out all meat from crab and put aside. Separately break claws and take out meat, chop it and put aside.
Put rice in pot and pour milk. Slowly bring to boil. Cover it and cook for 20 min. Add crab meat, seasonings and cook 5 min more.
Cool it a bit. Rub through sieve or blend it up to uniform mass.
Pour soup in clean pot, add fish broth, and put rest of crab meat from claws. Bring to boil on small fire, add anchovy paste, lemon and lime juice, add seasoning.
Cook on small fire 2-3 min more. Put parsley. Pour in plates, add spoon of sour cream in each plate, and decorate with onion.

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