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0:25 год.

669 ккал.

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  • Proteins19 g
  • Fats23 g
  • Carbohydrates100 g
  • Sugar9 g


500 g egg pasta
4  table spoons sunflower oil Majola
1 cut into pieces onion
2 cut  into strips carrot
125 g small quartered champignons
125 g green peas
½ cut into strips cucumber  
125 g cut spinach
125 g germinating beans
2 table spoons dark soya sauce
1 tea spoon sherri (spice)
1 tea spoon  salt
1 tea spoon  sugar
1 tea spoon corn flour
1 tea spoon sesame seeds


Cook pasta, strain off and wash with cold water till it completely gets cold. Warm up in the pan 3 table spoons of oil Majola, fry onion and carrot within 1 min, add mushrooms, green peas, cucumber and fry during 1 min.
Add rest of oil into vegetables, pasta, spinach and germinating beans. Mix up all the rest ingredients and pour with this mixture vegetable with pasta.
Properly warm up mixture in the pan, put on plate and serve the table.

Bon appétit

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