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Chocolate fancy cakes

12 порції

1:10 год.

271 ккал.

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  • Proteins5 g
  • Fats4 g
  • Carbohydrates57 g
  • Sugar45 g


60 g chopped dates
60 g chopped prunes
6 table spoons not sweet apple juice
4 whipped eggs
300 g dark cane sugar
1 tea spoon vanilla
4 table spoons nonfat chocolate powder
2 table spoons cocoa powder
175 g  flour
60 g dark chocolate chip


125 g confectionery sugar
1-2 tea spoons  water
1 tea spoon vanilla


Heat oven up to 120 0С. Grease with butter and cover tray with parchment 18 х 28cm.
Put dates and prunes into the pot and pour in apple juice. Bring to boil, cover with lid and cook 10 min. Mash in puree and leave it to get cold.
Put cooled fruits into the bowl, mix up with eggs, sugar and vanilla. Sieve into the bowl 4 table spoons of chocolate powder, cocoa and flour, intermix and add chocolate chip.
With the help of spoon put mixture into the tray. Bake within 25-30 min till readiness. Cut into 12 strips without taking out from tray and leave it to cool for 10 min. Put on grill, so it could get cold completely.
For icing sieve into the bowl powdered sugar, mix up with vanilla and sufficient quantity of water, so to receive viscous, but not too liquid consistence.
Take fancy cakes out of tray and put on plates. Pour cakes with icing, leave it to solidify. Strew with chocolate powder before serve.

Bon appétit

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