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History of sunflower oil

Історія олії

Sunflower oil is such an ordinary and necessary for each housewife product. Nowadays none of the Ukrainian mistress can manage on the kitchen without this product. Nevertheless, sunflower oil is comparatively young product on Ukrainian cuisine and sunflower itself (from which seeds it extracts) at the very beginning has been grown only in ornamental aims.

Beautiful sunflower originates from North America. Indians were using sunflower as a medicine. Also they used grounded seeds of sunflower as flour and made out of it colorants. Inca worshiped sunflower as a holy flower.


Traveling the world sunflower has got lots of different names:

«Helianthus» (from Greek helios means sun), 

«Indian golden flower»,

«Grass of the sun»,

«Peruvian chrysanthemum».

Історія олії

In 1510 Spanish conquerors have brought sunflower to Europe. It was sown in Madrilenian botanic garden. The flower attracted attention and local people liked it at once. In a less than a few years sunflower became constant resident of France, England, Italy and Germany. For a long time sunflower was grown as an ornamental plant on flowerbeds and in gardens. Not only gardens and parks, but also clothes were decorated with it. However, people were trying to find for sunflower some practical application. For example, the English were eating young inflorescences with butter and vinegar.  In Germany people roasted its seeds and made coffee.

Only in 1716 in England was sealed a patent for the obtainment of sunflower oil and in 1769 was the first mention about cultivation of sunflower in industrial aims. Both, to Ukraine and Russia, sunflower has come in XVIII century and within 125 years it was used as an ornamental plant. At the beginning of XX century an active development of sunflower as an agricultural crop has began. Sunflower crops were widespread in eastern and central steppe regions.

Nowadays Ukraine takes third place in the world (after Argentina and Russia) by manufacture of sunflower oil and second place (after Argentina) by export.

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