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Delicious doughnuts

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One of the main decorations of the Christmas table is delicious doughnuts, made with love and own hands.

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Head office/Production

PE «Oliyar»

+38 (098) 77 999 77

81118, v. Stavchany,
Pustomytivskyi District,
Lviv Region, Ukraine

Sales Department of Finished Products in Ukraine


phone: +38 (032) 242 15 60    

+38 (067) 446 73 87

Sales Department of Finished Products in Export markets

+38 (067) 672 47 71

In the event you become aware of any abuse or violation please contact us by:

Regarding the facts of conflict between interests, fraud and corruption, pressures on employees, infringement of internal policies, abuse of office and violation of the rights of tender participants.

Attention! Anonymous request is not accepted.

Kindly ask to indicate the name, contact telephone number and email address.


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