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Delicious doughnuts

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One of the main decorations of the Christmas table is delicious doughnuts, made with love and own hands.

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Schoolchildren from Lviv city will take a course on healthy eating under the support of TM "Majola"

Thanks to the Lviv manufacturers, children will have an opportunity to learn how correctly recognize information on labels and how to select quality and useful products.

Today, during the widespread changing of natural products with more synthetic ones, artificially created with the adding of taste, color and smell improvers, it is so important to learn how to choose healthy products. Especially defenseless in this situation are children. So it is very important to teach children to "read" labels and it is serving as an instrument of communication between producer and consumer.

To solve this problem can help a special textbook “Navigator on labels”. That is why TM "Majola" supported the initiative to create the whole course, which will be qualitative. In addition here will be presented our Lviv manufactures, with labels, which children are visually know and can often see in the stores of the city. This will facilitate learning and memorizing of the material.

TM "Majola" is responsible for the quality of its products and meets the highest world standards, as it is exported to different countries of the world as well as different continents.

The textbook and notebook have already been successfully tested among children and it was marked positive changes in the quality assimilation of information.

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